Lawn Equipment

Lawn equipment converted to propane, or autogas, offers many advantages over gasoline:
  • Costs an average of 30% less than gasoline
  • Burns 50% cleaner than gasoline
  • Fuel stability – can be stored for long periods of time
  • Longer run times
  • Longer engine life
  • Extended oil life
  • No fuel spill concerns
  • Better for the environment

Propane lawn mowers are an enviromentally friendly alternative to gasoline and diesel mowers, and provide the power and convenience that owners require.  Many of today's propane (autogas) mowers meet the proposed 2012 EPA air standards, emitting significantly lower levels of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Propane can be delivered to your site or can be refilled at our office, meaning that you are no longer hauling large amount of gasoline in vulnerable containers and greatly reduce the amount of spillage and opportunity for fuel theft.

For more information on converting your lawn care equipment to propane:

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Meet the Director

Gary Shepherd, director of the Stanford LP Gas Motor Fuel Division, has been developing alternative fuel systems for more than 16 years. He has worked with General Motors, Ford, Chrysler Canada, Detroit Diesel and Cummins Engines on their respective engine systems using clean-burning propane.

He assisted Freightliner Custom Chassis in design and specifications for its propane-powered transit busses, which are built at its plant in Gaffney, S.C. He has designed various OEM-approved propane fuel systems for Freightliner transit busses. New propane chassis are shipped to Midland, MI, where Gary resides, for the propane system installation. They are then shipped on to the body builder for completion.

Gary has worked with several colleges and universities in writing curriculum for proper training and installation of propane fuel systems. He is a member of the National Propane Gas Association, an advisor on fuel systems to the Propane Education and Research Council, chairman of the Engine Fuel Committee, and past president of the Michigan Propane Gas Association.

Our Pledge


At Stanford LP Gas, we feel our responsibility to our Family of Customers goes beyond just selling you fuel. We operate today on the same time-honored traditions of my father by providing excellent customer service, competitive pricing and peace of mind.


Our Customer Bill of Rights is just one way we work toward fulfilling our responsibility to our customers.

Thank you for considering Stanford LP Gas.

Duane Stanford, CEO